Dynasty Wealth (DW) is a member-based investing community which specializes in identifying startup and early stage company investing opportunities.  A Dynasty Wealth portfolio company must have the potential to multiply by 100 times to 1,000 times in five years or less.  Dynasty Wealth’s investor members can invest $5,000 or more in a startup.  Since SproutUps model addresses the masses and millennials, it is occasionally invited by Dynasty Wealth to participate in some of DW’s startups.  It’s especially if the app or digital startup in DW’s portfolio has products and services which address the millennial demographic.  Having this demographic as shareholders is very desirable.  A millennial shareholder’s adherence to social media will enhance the viral spreading of the startup’s products and services.  Finally, Dynasty Wealth’s videos are published and available on SproutUps.com.

Trophy Investing is an investing community which excels at finding exceptional startup companies that have future “trophy case” potential.  Investor members can invest $100 or more in a startup.  For a startup to be added to its portfolio, its share price must have the potential to reach multiples within five years or less.  Some of the startups or early stage companies that Trophy identifies for its portfolio are appropriate for the SproutUps community as well, therefore: in these cases, SproutUps is invited to participate.  Those startups, for which SproutUps assists in their initial financing rounds, become Trophy Investing’s prospects upon gaining traction and the resultant need for additional capital.  Trophy Investing’s research reports are published on SproutUps.com when these reports cover startups that SproutUps participated in.

Appsfunder is an apps-investing community which specializes in maximizing the returns while minimizing the risk for both apps developers and funders.  Investor members can invest $10 or more in an app.  Since both Appsfunder and SproutUps share the same low minimum investment amount of $10.00, Appsfunder and SproutUps participate in each other’s app opportunities.  Appsfunder’s mission is to help all of its members to:

  • learn how to invest in app and other digital startups
  • build diversified portfolios consisting of app startups
  • develop apps
  • learn how to start an app company and obtain funding

StartEngine is a SEC regulated crowdfunding platform which lists the offerings for startup and early stage companies who wish to raise capital under Title II, Title III and Title IV of the JOBS Act.  StartEngine has accounted for approximately 20% of all startups that are funded by platforms since the SEC lifted its crowdfunding bans. StartEngine lists some of the issuers or companies which SproutUps identifies and refers to it.  StartEngine’s listing platform is one of the sources that SproutUps utilizes to identify the new startups and early stage companies which are added to its portfolio. StartEngine plays a key role.  For those who invest in startups, StartEngine provides a secondary market to list their shares for re-sale. Click here for access to more information about StartEngine’s secondary market.

Erndo is a proprietary blockchain based digital advertising and marketing ecosystem for brick and mortar and also online businesses. Erndo is powered by its proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) software and Dough, which is its proprietary digital currency.  Patrons earn for patronizing, promoting and referring new patrons to any business who is a member of Erndo. Patrons are able to spend each of their Doughs which are equivalent to one US Dollar at any merchant in the Erndo ecosystem. SproutUps was the first online business to join Erndo and its investor members currently earn Dough for each startup investment that they make and each new member they refer. SproutUps is also a business partner and refers the startup companies it identifies to Erndo.

Statements made by Trophy Investing Incorporated pertaining to returns made from investing in Airbnb, UBER and Snapchat are not indicative of a TRACK RECORD. They are examples for educational purposes only.