SproutUps: Opportunities To Watch

Video Below: “First Mover Crypto Infrastructure Provider ChoiceTrade has 1,000X potential (2 min 58 sec)

The video explains why established online broker ChoiceTrade has become and will soon be recognized as a first mover and become “The Ameritrade of Crypto” to provide the regulated infrastructure that the crypto community desperately needs.  Since we predict that the value of the cryptocurrencies will rival the value of all stocks in the world the shares of ChoiceTrade have significant upside potential.

Video Below: “StartEngine shares have potential to multiply by 8 times as crowdfunding first mover” (5 min 28 sec)

Video explains why StartEngine’s launch of its Secondary Market to provide the liquidity for the shares of private companies having market caps of less than $1 billion has forever changed the capital markets. Also explains that since StartEngine has emerged as a first mover it will soon be afforded a billion dollar valuation resulting in its share price going from $5 to $40 by 2019.

Statements made by Trophy Investing pertaining to returns made from investing in Airbnb, UBER and Snapchat are not indicative of a TRACK RECORD. They are examples for educational purposes only.