About SproutUps

SproutUps is a startups’ information provider.   We search for startup and early stage company investing opportunities and curate them for our members.  Our director of research Michael Markowski has 42 years of experience in the markets.

SproutUps is not a broker dealer or a financial advisor.  Upon our identifying an investment opportunity our members invest via a SEC regulated funding platform.  

Here are the steps to follow to invest in startups:

  1. Register to become a member of SproutUps.   Membership is FREE.  
  2. When a new opportunity becomes available SproutUps will send you an alert by email and a text message.  
  3. You can invest as little as $10 to $100 in the startup by opening an account with the SEC approved funding platform that the startup is listed on.
  4. Members can earn Erndo’s “Dough (____)”, a spendable digital currency when making investments and also for referring new members, etc.   More …

The more than a million apps which will be developed in the chart below by 2020 depict why a startup investor needs an experienced researcher to curate the opportunities.  SproutUps and its team searches through many startups to find the top startup opportunities for its members.