Entrepreneur Educational Videos

Video Below: Visionary Analyst 2 of 5:  (2 min 56 sec)

Video explains how Michael Markowski, SproutUps advisor developed his vision enabled him to find and fund startups which had a high probability of becoming successful.   Also, provides details on the simple logic that an entrepreneur can follow to increase the probability of their startup being successful. Additionally, the video includes details about Senior Service, an actual startup which Mr. Markowski found and funded that has since grown steadily to an annual revenue run rate of $800 million as of 2017.  The reading of Mr. Markowski’s original research report and especially page 2, on the now NASDAQ listed company, (see stock chart for symbol AFAM) is strongly recommended by anyone who wishes to start a company.  Note.  Company underwent name change to “Almost Family. Inc.”.

Raising Your Next Round with StartEngine” (1 hour 4 min 35 sec.)

“Video produced by regulated crowdfunding platform StartEngine is an hour long seminar explaining the steps for an entrepreneur to follow to raise capital from the crowd for his or her startup or early stage company.”

Statements made by SproutUps pertaining to returns made from investing in Airbnb, UBER and Snapchat are not indicative of a TRACK RECORD. They are examples for educational purposes only.