About a SpoutUps membership

A membership to the SproutUps investing community enables the investor to participate in the startup and early-stage companies that are identified.  SproutUps enable its members to build a portfolio consisting of $100 or less invested per startup.  The startups must each have the potential to multiply by three to five times within five years of the startup being recommended.  

Members of the community pay a fee of $4.99 per each startup in which they invest.  The fee is paid in advance and is refundable should a member not find a startup to invest in within one year.   

To become a member requires a minimum payment of $4.99.  A member has access to all of SproutUps’ startup opportunities.  Upon the member making an investment in a startup they will receive all of SproutUps’ future updates about the startup.

To continue to have access to all of SproutUps’ startups and to have an opportunity to invest in an additional startup requires a prepaid payment of $4.99 per startup.  Members can also elect to purchase five startups packages for $19.99.

Membership fee: $19.99 

  • Access to all Trophy Investing’s current startup investing opportunities
  • Invest up to $100 per startup
  • Refundable if member can-not find a startup to invest in within one year 

1 startup: $19.99

Annual Membership
only $19.95

Premium Content!

Your one time payment of $19.95 will give you access to all start up opportunities.